722 N. 46th St.
Grove, Oklahoma 74344
Phone: (918) 787-2444
Fax: (918) 787-2446

311 W Gray St.
Jay, Oklahoma 74346
Phone: (918) 253-5100
Fax: (918) 253-5102

36670 N Hwy 82
Langley, Oklahoma 74350
Phone: 918-782-3555
Fax: 918-782-9293


     At Grand Lake Funeral Home, we understand that dealing with the loss of a loved one is one of the hardest things you will have to go through.  It is a part of life that knows no age, color, or creed and the effects are life changing.  We have been honored to bring comfort, dignity and care to the many families of - and are privileged to serve - the Grand Lake Community.  At Grand Lake Funeral Home you will find a staff that fully understands this and has a passion to comfort families through their loss.  We believe that our service and willingness to honor each individual life is a gift.

     We offer three convenient locations within the Grand Lake Community: Grove, Jay and Langley.  Grand Lake Funeral Home is best known for accommodating the most intimate of settings within our spacious chapels, or offering Services in the most unique places. Such as a Lakeside service, your Family’s Church, or on even on the Ranch.  We truly are willing to open up the possibilities to allow you to celebrate your loved one in the way they lived.  We strive to make each Service as unique and memorable to honor the life that has touched so many.

     We are also able to help guide you through pre-arranged services which will help ease the grieving process.  This service can help you take the burden off of your Family in this distressing time.  We offer a free pre-planning guide that would allow you to put your wishes in a secure and organized place. Also, you can secure a Funeral Service that is pre-paid removing the financial worries of this event and allowing your loved ones to focus on what is most important: the celebration of a life of a cherished friend and loved one.

    Grand Lake Funeral Home is humbled and honored to be a part of your life. Our goal is to provide “Excellent Service at an Affordable Price”, but the level of care and service will always be priceless.  Our Staff invites you to come in or review this website, the many options available for you or a loved one to take the fear and uncertainty out of this part of life.